In tennis as in life itself, everything is not always as it seems. And that is what he wants to demonstrate Benoit Paire in each appearance with the media. The airs that he sometimes shows as cool or complacent seem to have been left behind, to make way for his more angelic and above all self-critical version, when it comes to talking about the current situation tennis is going through. The Frenchman is clear that he will not risk his health by playing tournaments.

-The Gallic player has many doubts about whether or not to play the US Open:

“To be honest, seeing the current conditions in the United States, it is very difficult for me to travel there to play these tournaments. I prefer to stay in Europe and prepare to play the Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros tournaments. questions about the existing situation, I would say that bars, restaurants and even parks should be opened, but looking at the situation now … You see that we have gone backwards and everything looks very disastrous if the situation does not change ” , He stated in words collected by RMC Sport.

-You don’t want to take risks regarding the pandemic:

“Going there to the United States would be at risk of catching you. I am a great professional and I am one of those who would always like to play tennis, but your health is the most important thing. If going there is taking the risk of catching the disease and staying quarantined when I return, I prefer not to go, really. It looks like if we play the US Open, we will have to sacrifice not to play the Mutua Madrid Open or the Masters 1000 in Rome. “

-Feelings about this Ultimate Tennis Showdown:

“It is a very innovative game system in which you have to be focused at all times. I have not yet got used to it. When I stay behind with the bonuses under my arms a bit, since I see my rival taking off on the scoreboard by four or more points of difference. It is very novel and I think the viewer has been hooked, “concluded the French player.