20-year-old Stella Rose Bennett, best known for being the pop sensation of the moment, Benee, achieved his first hit on the Billboard Top 40 with the sad and upbeat single “Supalonely”. Now, he wants to continue taking his name around the world and maybe climb a few places on the popularity chart with his new song “Snail.”

Rising Pop Star Benee Released Her New Song

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Quick, if you haven’t met Benee yet, it’s a good time to do it. 2019 marked his rise to fame with the knowledge of the aforementioned “Supalonely”, “Soaked” and “Glitter”. That same year she dominated the New Zealand Music Awards taking 4 home awards including Best Solo Artist and Best Pop Artist. She is influenced by Radiohead and Björk and in her music she investigates the Pop music trends tinged from the seventies with lo-fi disco beats.

“Snail” He arrives with the same power, hunger, and statement of uniqueness as all his previous works. Not only does he give us catchy pop, but also a bid to dominate the genre. Here, the New Zealand artist incorporates new sounds, hip-hop hi hats and synthesizers that she had not used before. Proving that despite having a worldwide success this year, he does not intend to recycle the formula and always seeks to go forward.


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“When I was in quarantine, I was fascinated by snails. There really wasn’t much to do so I spent a lot of time outside looking at snails and I thought about how they are doing their own little things and they are all free “Benee said in a statement. “I just toyed with the idea of ​​being like a snail and how I go out in the rain. Being trapped inside due to COVID-19, it’s a kind of blocking song “.

Optimism, as a hallmark of Benee and so much needed these days, we are not sure where it comes from. Perhaps it is because Neva Zealand is one of the countries that has best handled the pandemic and her quarantine idea is quite good, or simply because she sees life that way. From what we know, it is surely the second. You can listen to her third single of the year here after her collaboration with Kenny Beats and Bakar last month, “Night Garden”.

So that they know thoroughly Benee, we leave you an interview in which he tells us a little about everything. Origins, influences, sound, quarantine and a little more. Enjoy.