Ben Affleck’s ex, Ana de Armas, is in Spain away from the scandal between him and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck's ex, Ana de Armas, is in Spain away from the scandal between him and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck’s ex, Ana de Armas, went to Spain, away from the paparazzi and the alleged encounters between her ex-boyfriend and Jennifer Lopez.

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Everything indicates that Cuban actress Ana de Armas He has wanted stay out of the spotlight where your ex is currently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. That is why he published a photograph on his account Instagram saying that is located in Spain, the country in which he became known to the general public thanks to his participation in the popular series ‘El Internado’. This is a way of not being close to the eye of the hurricane, nor the press and much less the encounters between Ben and JLo.

Whenever she can, Ana returns from time to time to that country to catch up with the many friends she keeps from her time on the small Spanish screen, as well as the actress Elena Furiase.

This time, hollywood star, protagonist of films from the mecca of cinema such as ‘Daggers from the back’, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination, is on the island of Mallorca and, as can be seen from the image he has posted on his networks, nothing less than in front of the cathedral of Palma. Although she has not wanted to give any information about the reason for her stay in the Balearic archipelago, it has already transpired that the reason for her trip is professional.

“Mallorca” has limited himself to writing she next to the emoticon of a heart to inform her fans of her precious location. Guild colleagues such as Juana Acosta and Toni Acosta, who despite sharing a surname are not family, as well as the stylist Jenny Cho and the singer Fiora have given her praiseworthy comments on the board of their publication.

The paparazzi have taken several images of the Cuban interpreter, whose ex-boyfriend Ben affleck is very fashionable again due to its alleged reconciliation with Jennifer Lopez, in the middle of what is clearly a recording set, since the artist is surrounded at all times by technicians, make-up artists and other professionals in the audiovisual world. More details will come to light sooner rather than later on the film or television project that is now being carried out.

While the story of “Bennifer” itches and spreads. The rumors that they might be giving yourself a second chance they are getting stronger. Even their close friends, like the actor Matt Damon, who has been friends with Ben since childhoodThey have opined and even hinted that the couple would be flirting with love again.

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