Ben Affleck’s best friend, Matt Damon, would be happy with the supposed reconciliation of Jennifer Lopez and the actor

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck’s best friend since childhood, said that if the alleged relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben is true, he would be very happy with the news.

Photo: Carlo Allegri. / Getty Images

Matt Damon It has been one of the greatest constants in professional and personal life. To tell the truth, he is the best friend of Ben affleck since they were kids, so he is most likely one of the few who knows for sure what is really going on now that it is rumored that his friend may have resumed his romantic relationship and have supposedly reconciled with Jennifer Lopez seventeen years after break your engagement. But Matt has already made it clear that, if true, he would be happy.

At the moment, there is no definitive evidence that ‘Bennifer’ has decided to give himself another chance, beyond a few photos of him in the same car taken at the Montana airport, where they supposedly spent a romantic weekend together, and Matt is not willing to leave us in doubt.

As he explained in a television interview with the ‘Today’ program, in which the presenters tried to pull his tongue taking advantage of the fact that they were live, “there is not enough alcohol in the world” to get him to speak on such a media topic.

“This is the first time I’ve heard something about it,” he added, pretending to be clueless, although he did want to clarify that Jennifer continues to have his approval. “I love you both very much. I hope it’s true, it would be wonderful“.

But Alex Rodriguez does not think the same. The former player was intercepted by reporters before entering a restaurant in Miami. When asked about Jennifer Lopez and the alleged reconciliation with Ben Affleck he said: Come on Yankees! Let us remember that this is the team for which the athlete played. Quite the contrary, Ben Affleck is from the Boston Red Sox, so this could be taken as a hint to Jen and Ben.

Just a day ago, photos were leaked of paparazzi who they managed to capture Jennifer and Ben inside a vehicle. This is not to mention the constant pick-ups and drop-offs of Ben Affleck in areas around his house. The vehicle I would use would be the same white pickup truck used by JLO in the city of Los Angeles.

Jennifer, for her part, paid a small tribute to her mother on Mother’s Day. The singer participated in the concert “Vax Live” in favor of vaccination against COVID-19 and at some point during its presentation He invited his mommy to come up on stage and sing a song together. Both moved everyone present.

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