Ben Affleck’s Batman could die in his next movie

In the movie The Flash we will see the epic return of Ben Affleck’s Batman and now they have leaked details of his possible death.

Attention SPOILERS. They have confirmed for a while that there will be two versions of Batman in the movie The Flash, since they will return as the Dark Knight actors Ben affleck Y Michael Keaton.

But now it is being rumored that we will see a villain who has proposed to destroy all superheroes, his identity will be a variant of Flash who went crazy on his Earth and is now traveling to other Universes to destroy the protectors of the planet. One of his victims could be the Ben Affleck’s Batman, all this could cause The Flash (Ezra Miller) had to use the force of speed to fix things and end up creating an alternate present.

Another important moment that has been confirmed is that Barry Allen he will travel to the past to avoid the death of his mother Nora Allen (Maribel VerdĂș) and the killer is probably that crazy version of Flash. Creating a kind of time-loop paradox of the most interesting.

Will it be the last time we will see the actor with this character?

We have been able to see the Ben Affleck’s Batman in movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), The Suicide Squad (2016), League of Justice (2017 – 2021) and will now repeat in The Flash. So it may be their big farewell and that’s why they have prepared an epic finale. Therefore, we will no longer see Ben affleck along with Shazam !, Wonder Woman, Black Adam or Aquaman, heroes of Dc comics that will release movies in the coming years.

Then it will be his turn Batman from Robert Pattinson that he will have his own movie and will be in an alternate cinematic universe. So let’s hope it’s not a mess that confuses fans.

We will see one next time at Ben Affleck’s Batman on The Flash when it premieres on November 4, 2022.

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