Ben Affleck’s admiration for his ex-wife, JLo

It’s been almost 20 years since Pearl Harbor lead actor Ben Affleck and Bronx superstar Jennifer Lopez broke up. A relationship that was very intense, much admired by the young people of those times, as it was one of the most beautiful couples in all of Hollywood and also, they even became engaged; Nevertheless, they never said yes, I do!

Despite the passing of the years, Ben Affleck still has admiration for his ex-partner since in an interview he expressed compliments towards Jennifer Lopez of admiration and joy for the recognition that he has achieved since, as the actor himself guarantees, “He is one of the hardest working people he has ever come across”. Emphasizing at all times his talent, his work and therefore, his deserved success. “She is still the hardest working person I have come across in this business. Have a huge talent, but also he has worked very hard for his success and I am very happy because, finally, it seems that it is getting the recognition it deserves, “he said.

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The actor, who has now ended his relationship with actress Ana de Armas, and the Bronx diva, met in 2001; However, they began their relationship during the recording of Gigli in 2002. From that moment there were several occasions where we were able to see them together on stage.

As we mentioned, the couple was a success, they took all the covers and were completely in the spotlight. Such was the success and influence of these two that they became engaged. Just a year later they had to end the commitment due to intense pressure from all the media. Finally, the couple ended their relationship in 2004.

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