Ben Affleck stays with Jennifer Lopez, but sends a loving message to his other ex: Jennifer Garner

“Very happy to share these daughters with you. We are the luckiest parents in the world. Thank you for all the good you do, “he wrote. Ben affleck On Instagram. The Oscar winner for the tapes “Argo” and “Good Will Hunting” left these words on Instagram. But this has been in honor of Mother’s Day, and it is that Ben does not seem to have ended his relationship with Jennifer Garner on bad terms either.

Although Affleck has faced problems with alcohol and gambling, both Jennifer have always had affection for him and maintained a healthy friendship with him, despite the fact that their love stories have ended. And in the case of the mother of his children, with her he has always been present and constant, even out of love for her and her daughters.

For this reason the actor’s words to his ex-wife could not offend Jennifer López, nor do they seem like a betrayal of their just started new love story. On the contrary, it seems that their reunion is going “from strength to strength”, because they say that their romantic getaway to Montana will not remain sporadic.

At the moment they even say that Matt Damon, Affleck’s best friend, approves of this reconciliation. And it is that Damon has been one of the greatest constants in Ben Affleck’s professional and personal life, as Showbiz rescued, since they were children they have been together, so it is most likely that he is one of the few who knows science certain what is really happening now that it is rumored that his friend may have retaken his romantic relationship with Jennifer López seventeen years after breaking off their engagement.

At the moment, there is no definitive evidence that ‘Bennifer’ has decided to give himself another chance, beyond some photos of him in the same car taken at the Montana airport, where they supposedly spent a romantic weekend together, and Matt is not willing to get us out of doubt.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught on their intimate journey.  / The Grosby GroupJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught on their intimate journey. / The Grosby Group

As he explained in a television interview to the ‘Today’ program, in which the presenters tried to pull his tongue taking advantage of the fact that they were live, “There is not enough alcohol in the world” to get him to speak out on such a high-profile issue. “It is the first time that I hear something about it,” he added, pretending to be clueless, although he did want to clarify that Jennifer continues to have his approval. “I love you both very much. I hope it’s true, it would be wonderful ”. With this phrase, the actor, also an Oscar winner, sentences the facts and gives them his full approval.

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