Ben Affleck compliments Jennifer Lopez like this

And it turns out that Jennifer Lopez found out about the comments her ex made about her and her work, so she also took the opportunity to comment: “Ben is funny! He still looks pretty good too, “he released, showing off the great relationship between them.

The “Bennifer” ended their romance in 2004. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images / © GettyImages 2567287)

In January of this year, Affleck participated in The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast where he spoke about the reason that led them to break their engagement: the scrutiny of the press. According to the actor, they generally starred in the “story of the month.”

“And my relationship with Jennifer Lopez turned out to be that tabloid story at the time that business grew exponentially.” In addition, in early 2020 the actor declared: “She is a very genuine person, I keep in touch with her periodically and I feel enormous respect.