Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are together again

Chris Weeks.

Jennifer Lopez turned 52 years old this July 24 and celebrated it in networks with a selection of photos showing her body in a bikini … and confirming her return with Ben Affleck 17 years after they were together. In this way, the couple shows the world that there are second chances.

It has been almost two decades since we saw them walking on a red carpet together. Their relationship lasted only two years, but it caught them riding the crest of the wave of their careers. In the case of Lopez, at the end of 2002 he released one of his most successful films, “It happened in Manhattan.” Affleck, who already had an Oscar for Best Screenplay under his belt, tried to make a hole within the interpretation and in those months together with the singer he joined premieres.

In January 2004 they confirmed their breakup, after having canceled their wedding months before, and each one rebuilt their lives. 17 years goes a long way in personal life as well as in work.

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1 Fictional kisses

In November 2002 the couple filmed ‘A Girl from Jersey’, directed by an acquaintance of the actor: Kevin Smith. In the plot, the filmmaker became softer than what the public was accustomed to. The characters of the couple began a love story that changed the destiny of their lives.

2 Presenting her work

In December 2002, Ben accompanied his partner to the premiere of ‘It Happened in Manhattan’

3 And more kisses

There were also signs of affection before the fans

4 Caught kisses

Almost two decades ago, the couple was also caught on the street. This time it was on the streets of New York at the end of 2002.

5 Fictional kisses 2

In January 2003 the couple repeated in fiction with ‘Gigli’, a story that combined romance and comedy but was not very well received by critics.

6 Showing movies of him

In February 2003 they went together to the premiere of ‘Daredevil’, in which the actor gave life to the superhero.

7 And more darling

And of course, shows of affection before the cameras.

8 At the Oscars

The singer captured all eyes at the 75th edition of the Oscars with that Valentino (in March 2003). What better accessory to wear on the red carpet than her partner Ben.

9 and more kisses

And of course, at the after-gala party, there were also kisses.

10 in his spare time

Watching the Lakers also showed signs of their love. It was May 2003.

11 Introducing ‘Gigli’

In July 2003 they presented their first film together.

12 Kisses and autographs

They certainly took it seriously about showing their love in public. It was one of the last times we saw them together on the red carpet. At the premiere of ‘A Girl from Jersey’ in March 2004, the couple had ended their relationship.

13 An increasingly evident relationship

Jennifer broke her relationship with Alex Rodriguez after four years last April. A few weeks later the news broke that Ben was supporting him at that time (which broke his relationship with Ana de Armas in early 2021). And then more were caught …

14 And finally, the confirmation

Until the end, and officially, the singer has shared images for her birthday, the last of the gallery being the most interesting: the kiss with her new? love. In love again, the couple has made many and many happy. Second chances exist, even in Hollywood.

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