Belted with black leggings, María Felix enhanced her silhouette

Belted with black leggings, María Felix enhanced her silhouette (Instagram)

Belted with black leggings, María Felix enhanced her silhouette | Instagram

A trend that María Felix had already made her ally for a long time, “The Doña“stood out in tight leggings dark to maximize your figure.

It is well known that Maria Felix is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Golden Cinema Mexican, an icon of beauty, talent and a style that became her personal mark when it comes to her.

She was in charge of imposing this strong trend that became a classic and this 2021 is here to stay, it is the elegant woman and fashionable actress of Mexican cinema who today is the inspiration to tell you how you can wear this particular and essential outfit.

A look at the past shows us how the strong trend of “leggings“She has been coming for several decades and it is nothing more and nothing less than María Felix who provides a lesson in styling and glamor, characteristics that have always accompanied her personality.

Today, it is a garment that many women wear throughout the day and have even become part of the “closet ground“of a woman, by the term refers to the clothes that do not go out of style, even with the change of season, also named” timeless “.

“La Doña” was a woman always well ahead of her time, and apparently, the same thing happened to her with fashion, so despite the fact that several years have passed, she continues to inspire many by becoming a reference, María Felix would be as “Channel“Mexican version.

A series of images shared through an account of Instagram reveals the occasions that the beautiful and native of Sonora, Mexico, stood out in these tight fabrics, which she wore in different ways with a touch of her personality.

It is worth mentioning that today, the considered “tights” that were gaining strong prominence and modifying to adapt to the needs of all women, are an element that can be seen with different outfits and provide mostly comfort without stopping side the key element: Keep looking feminine and chic.

Leggings are distinguished by being elastic garments that are generally tight throughout the leg, bear a great resemblance to stockings or tights and it is that the latter would lay the foundations for their origin.

However, they differ greatly, because they are not as thin and would not show as much skin as is the case with socks, thicker than leggings and less rigid than pants. They allow the feet to be in the open air and above all they provide a lot of comfort and at the same time there are also them for! A good night out!

From their origins, in the early 60s to the present, they have been reinvented in various possible shapes, materials and colors, their popularity arose among the youngest who sought to adopt new styles that gave them greater freedom.

It was the chemist Joseph Shivers who was responsible for creating this key piece of clothing, a synthetic, elastic and resistant fiber that (in our country was known as elastane), according to VOGUE magazine, would since then give fashion a total twist.

In the case of the so-called “film diva” María Felix, “La Doña” used them from a very young age, in some images you can see some of their various combinations: With sweaters and a scarf tied around the neck, with loose blouses, even I could go for monochromatic looks without looking boring.

Undoubtedly, for the most beautiful face of a golden age, they were an element that made her feel comfortable and the best ally in her home, especially when low temperatures manifested themselves.

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