Inside or outside the UFC, Sergio Pettis He is still an excellent fighter and he proved it again in the star of Bellator 242. Ricky Bandejas He sought to work from a distance with his reach advantage and dynamic, mobile style, displaying dangerous swing kicks, but he failed to impose his game and ended up looking for a knockout without much idea of ​​how to go about it. The former UFC worked at ease with fundamentals, keeping patient pressure, taking away space and mobility from trays using constant low kicks and taking the winnings in the exchanges and in the judges cards: unanimous decision win with three 30-27 for Pettis.

40 fights wear anyone down, and that’s the case with Jordan Mein, a 30-year veteran who fell by unanimous decision against Jason Jackson in his Bellator debut. Mein’s two-year absence since his last fight was also noted, and the former UFC was generally outclassed by his opponent, unable to set the pace and reduced to chasing and finally expecting a clean punch to yield surprising results. Jackson controlled at will but never finished showing off or asserting himself, staying safe behind the jab, kicking his legs and moving with occasional counterattacks.

New stumble for another Bellator prospect, Tywan Claxton, who lost the split decision to Jay Jay Wilson. A slow and tedious fight, Claxton was largely in control throughout the three rounds with a steady, heavy clinch, flattening his opponent against the cage for long stretches, but accomplished little noticeable offense. Wilson was unable to shake off his rival through the fight, but he managed to stay active between the few striking moments and several submission attempts that earned him the endorsement of the judges.

Aaron Pico has not had the overwhelming and immediate success that was expected but the talent is there, taking two minutes and nine seconds to subdue Solo Hatley through mataleones. After an initial exchange of blows, Pico sought the takedown, managed it with authority and dominated from there. Hatley tried his best to shake off his young rival by working from the guard, but Pico held his stance, landed hard punches and a few elbows, and finally forced his opponent to give up his back and the final hang.