Bella rosa, Kylie Jenner shocks with her fitted charms

Bella rosa, Kylie Jenner shocks with her fitted charms | INSTAGRAM

For some months now, the lovely American celebrity Kylie Jenner, He deleted practically all his audiovisual content from his tell yourself one of his most famous companies, that’s how we talk about Kylie Cosmetics where we can find all kinds of makeup and beauty items for the female face

We had seen that literally every Photographs Y videos that were published in that company profile were eliminated or perhaps simply hidden that was what we all thought when we saw the empty profile of content, however we also noticed that there was only a photo of herself wearing a fitted pink latex outfit with which, no We are going to deny it, perfect Lucia.

Now from your own profile in the same way on Instagram you have just shared an image of yourself wearing the same pink outfit and her straight black wig with asymmetrical bangs that gives her a touch of Asian girl looking very attractive to her fans

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However, this is not the great news that we bring you today about la younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner Clan It turns out that he had effectively removed all the entertainment from his sales page because he made an important decision for the market

What happened was that he re-invented his entire line of cosmetics This is how Stormi’s young and beautiful mother is given the task of renewing her products in the best possible way because, as she said in her new post, these items are the same that she sold, however, with the detail that they are free of animal cruelty and are 100% vegan products.


This has undoubtedly caused great shock, amazement and admiration to the millions of followers of the businesswoman in the aforementioned social network since this shows that she not only thinks about her and obtaining profits but that she is also against all kinds of mistreatment towards animals.

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This has caused her publication to be filled with positive comments congratulating her for having made that decision in addition to wishing her the best possible success and of course there was no shortage of who mentioned how beautiful and attractive she looks with that outfit to promote her makeup

We well know that the younger sister of Kendall Jenner, whatever the reason why she decides to publish a photograph, it will be very well received by the public on the Internet generating millions of reactions that range from a Like to the most creative comments themselves. for his close friends his family and of course his loyal fans cannot be absent

Now it should be noted that it is well known that when Travis Scott’s partner does something on social networks this ends up being replicated by millions around the world, the businesswoman knows this perfectly and takes advantage of the popularity that has been made to carry out all kinds of activities altruistic and innovative that now help the planet and its living beings

We cannot know exactly what will be the new thing that Kylie will bring for everyone soon, what we can do is wait for her to surprise us, because she will surely do it and everyone will end up talking about it on social networks, where she reigns with great pride.

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