Bella in black, Maribel Guardia in elegant dress surprises

Bella in black, Maribel Guardia in elegant dress surprises | INSTAGRAM

It is almost certain that you have already seen the new stage in the career of the beautiful Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia who has now changed television cameras for cameras that are responsible for capturing her beauty by modeling different outfits.

That’s right, an entire influencer Maribel receives packages with clothing sets What dresses, tops, skirts and many others accessories who is promoting for a store that I trust as their official ambassador.

This time we will address one of his latest publications on social media Especially on Instagram, in which it has already achieved more than 54,000 likes in just four hours or what you will be able to realize the great attention it has.

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In the entertainment piece we can see Maribel wearing an incredible black dress in two pieces, a black skirt and the top of the same color, all from the same outfit and with which she wore her elegance in an incredible way.

There is no doubt that the also actress and singer only improves with the days each time she uploads more parents photographs and is always in constant creativity to find the best corners of her house and take the snapshots with the best backgrounds.

Of course, Maribel Guardia’s footwear also combines perfectly with clothes as she has a large closet in which to store her collection, which she has been gathering for quite some time and they are all very beautiful.

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Maribel was also in charge of reminding us of the importance of wearing face masks by sharing a video in which she went to a clinic where she had laser hair removal, in addition to presuming that the results are incredible, yet another achievement for her career as an influencer.

Another charming detail, are her famous captions, where she leaves for all those who follow her, all kinds of positive messages, in order that her day is good, this time she also did it.

We recommend you to stay on Show News so as not to miss the incredible content of Maribel Guardia, it is also a truth is curiosities and all the interesting information that arises in this regard.

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