Belinda’s luxurious black interiors, exorbitantly priced

Belinda’s Luxurious Black Interiors, Exorbitantly Priced | Instagram

The so-called “princess of Latin pop”, Belinda, appears in a photograph in which she is shown with interiors blacks that highlight her silhouette, Belinda Peregrín Schüll spares no expense when it comes to these garments, which apparently are at exorbitant prices.

Luxury and BelindaThey have become themselves and it has been the Spanish, nationalized Mexican, who again falls in love with luxurious undergarments for which they also ensure, she pays a good amount.

Belinda She always seeks to wear garments where luxury is noticed above all else and even her interiors scream it for her, particularly the color black seems to be one of her favorites since she has worn a diverse amount of garment in this tonality which also tends to reduce measures.


The interpreter of “Sapito”, Belinda Peregrín Schúll, has left behind that childish image that will take her to the top of her career at some point, the singer and television actress has not only become popular for her talent but also for her beauty in social networks.

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It is no longer that “school girl“, as one of the most recent collaborations in which” Beli “recently participated with Lola Indigo and Tini Stoessel says.

Over time it has been polishing its image, becoming one of the most beautiful, and its “belifans” confirm it at every step.

It was one of the snapshots in which the star of the stage appears with a light-colored sweater that covers the upper part of her figure and, on the contrary, the lower part appears in black interiors showing the marked silhouette that she has managed to maintain.

Christian Nodal’s fiancee, is very sure of herself as in most of her sessions and showing her silhouette with more uncovered garments, will Nodal be an impediment for her to continue doing so?

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The television actress who catapulted her fame with novels such as “Complices to the rescue”, “Adventures in time” and “Friends forever”, among the most remembered and currently retakes this facet when invited in Spain to participate in a series in Netflix, “Welcome to Eden” recorded in Barcelona.

The also former judge of La Voz, showed off her small waist from the beach, held under a palapa and showing her charms thanks to those who added 9,059 likes, among many comments.

The problem is not that you upload photos showing your body, the problem is that you end up believing that that is the only thing you have, because no, a silhouette and a size do not do justice to the flowers, poetry and the chingonería of women that you are, one of the fans commented

Don’t let the worms eat it, that body is for Humans hahaha, Hello … !!!

What I would give to reflect in those eyes, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Your face, all beautiful carved by the Olympian gods, you should give BeliTips’, were some of the comments.

The exorbitant prices Belinda pays

The “model” and businesswoman, who has not only led advertising campaigns for various brands and has become the cover of prestigious editions such as Elle, Glamor, and the most recent Vogue, as well as others such as Hola !, Esquire, People en Spanish and even Spanish magazines like “Urbanda”, are not limited when buying certain pieces.

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It is $ 2,240, around 45,000 Mexican pesos, that Belinda Peregrín Schúll pays for these items. Without a doubt an amount with which anyone could buy things for everyday life. Maybe it would seem crazy to you but the future wife of the regional can and does !.

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