Belinda’s brother wants to serve Mexico and runs for deputy

The singer’s brother Belinda, Nacho Peregrin, was registered on the list to be considered as a candidate for Federal Deputy in Mexico for the next elections on June 6.

Nacho, only 24 years old, began the process to become a deputy of the 15th district corresponding to the Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office, in Mexico City, for the coalition “Together We Will Make History” formed by the MORENA parties, the Labor Party and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico.

The same singer confirmed this news from her brother with an emotional message through her Instagram account:

“You do not know what makes me proud to read this, you have worked so hard, I have witnessed your effort, dedication and love. I’m proud of you, you are a great man full of empathy for others.Let’s go with all my Nachito! ”, Belinda wrote in stories on the platform.

Despite his sister’s fame and popularity, Nacho has always remained in the background, but if everything goes in his favor, he will soon leave anonymity behind to serve the Mexican people.

As for Beli, she is reaping more successes. It is known that he traveled to Spain to record a new series of Netflix called ‘Welcome to Eden’, while in Mexico his participation as a coach in the famous singing contest is on the air ‘The voice‘, where it competes with Maria Jose, Camilo, Mau and Ricky to reveal the best performer of the show in its children’s format.

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