Belinda shares a photo with Christian nodal and fans go crazy with love | Instagram

For a few weeks now, the rumor about a relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal finally bore fruit, as it was he himself who confirmed it, now singer shared a photo where they look so cute.

His fans surely they melted with love when they saw the snapshot, coupled with this despite not having written with text the interpreter of « Light without gravity » put extremely cute emojis.

As you will remember days ago Christian wrote to Belinda « My Mouse », and it was precisely the emoji that she used in her description.

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A post shared by Beli (@belindapop) on Aug 11, 2020 at 1:11 PDT

There were three emojis he used, one little mouse, a heart and panda bear, It is something of the most tender that he has placed since his relationship was confirmed.

Some time ago Belinda shared in an interview that she preferred that they believe that she was a cold woman, and « m @ m0na« Since she had decided to be that way because she had been injured previously, and she did not want to expose herself again.

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Perhaps for this reason, she stays out of her love relationships, not being as expressive as a public figure.

« I prefer that they say that I am m @ m0na than to please the wrong person who knows me and then hurts me and then judges me, that they keep saying that I am m @ m0na, I prefer that to open my heart to someone who does not he deserves it, « shared Belinda in an interview.

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Belinda was speaking in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante In her program The Minute That Changed My Destiny, she also commented that many people took advantage of the fact that she was a sensitive and good person.

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It seems that the interpreter of « Oh my chula » He managed to win her heart, despite the criticism many of his followers confirm that they make a beautiful couple, despite the age difference, let’s hope their relationship lasts a long time, they both deserve it.

I can’t explain the happiness it gave me to share the stage with you for the first time, which is where we can be ourselves and through our music connect with people’s hearts, I hope our love helps heal many broken hearts « , a little bit of love in your posts.

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