Belinda revealed that Christian Nodal used fireworks and a romantic dinner to ask her to be his girlfriend | INSTAGRAM

After 4 weeks since Belinda and Christian Nodal are dating, the famous singer decided to reveal some details of how her partner from La Voz México proposed to her, clarifying that every moment has been magical.

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It is worth mentioning that it has been rumored that this is all an advertising strategy, however, the two artists assure that this is false and that their love is true and sincere.

Social networks were crazy with this new couple and normally Belinda is known for not revealing details about her love relationships, however it seems that this time she decided to talk about everything in an interview with TvNotas.

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« We have just turned 4 weeks of dating and each day has been wonderful, we are enjoying the love that exists between us, » began the beautiful Belinda.

Belinda was in charge of confirming that they met last year at a radio awards ceremony in Texas and there she sang the song « Love at first sight », without anything taking her eyes off her, so she felt like going down from the stage, sing and dance with him.

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« Now that I see the video it makes me laugh, because I never would have imagined that months later he would be my boyfriend », on that occasion everything transcended to a photograph in backstage, however, they did not know each other again until they turned to see in La Voz this May 2020.

Belinda also decided to reveal other details that were a little more interesting because she assured that she felt that Cristian did not like him and did not imagine that all this would happen. After days of living together, everything changed, that was the moment when I did not give her a message at 3 in the morning with a song, which she had composed and that left her fascinated, realizing that it was inspired by her.

« I felt very flattered, I can tell you that I admired Cristian as an artist and as a human being, but now I can say that I am happy and in love, » he added.

We reached the maximum point where Belinda revealed how she proposed to her, being a very romantic way as he took her to Puerto Vallarta.

« He had prepared a magical dinner for me with fireworks music and suddenly some giant letters that said you want to be my girlfriend lit up, I was shocked and very excited by what Cristian was doing for me, so don’t hesitate for a single moment to tell him If I wanted to be his girlfriend, we hugged, we kissed and from that moment we began this wonderful love story.

Belinda revealed that the thing goes too, that she already knows the parents of not giving, who are quite happy with the relationship, she met them clearly that through a video call. « What we are living is something real », is what the famous Belinda is sure.

« I am more than 10 years old and a man worthy of my love from my heart had never come into my life and I can assure you that Cristian is, that is why I have decided to speak about it, » he revealed, clarifying the reason for the interview he gave. In this regard, since he had never done it before, he had maintained his relationships is very hermetic.

It seems that we will have much more honey in these next weeks, in case we are not a little cloyed, we will have much more.