Belinda launches strong hints at Bárbara de Regil, they say | INSTAGRAM

The singer of the pop genre, Belinda recently shared on her social networks a video where she was very concerned and dismayed about what was happening in Mexico and in the world regarding current health conditions. The Spanish actress and singer lashed out against people who upload exercise videos or on Tik Tok, and fans immediately said that the criticism was directed at Bárbara de Regil.

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Belinda commented that she felt quite worried about her grandmother, her mother and the rest of her relatives who currently reside in Madrid, Spain, who are in social isolation due to the current health situation that is happening around the world. So the beautiful young woman of 30 years decided to send a strong message to all those people who are not taking health recommendations seriously.

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And although the beautiful singer stated that her statement was not directed directly to anyone in particular, several users, including fans of Belinda, assured that the criticisms issued fit perfectly with the activities carried out in their official accounts by the actress and influencer Bárbara de Regil.

“It seems to me that this is not the time to think all day thinking about exercise, all day teaching our routines or meals or recipes or Tik Tok dances,” Belinda said in her video.

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As we well know, Barbara is one of the stars who day after day has dedicated herself to sharing videos and Tik Tok of her training routines, as well as tips to overcome isolation, among other things. This may have caused Belinda annoyance and for this reason she saw the need to deliver the message as a form of criticism.

Although the followers of the beautiful singer assured that the criticism was almost direct towards Barbara, she is not the only famous one who, in Belinda’s words, “has not taken seriously” the seriousness of the matter. Since there are many national and international celebrities who have uploaded memes, funny clips on Tik Tok or have shared their exercise routines on their own networks.

Celebrities such as Danna Paola, Sebastián Rulli, Angelique Boyer, José Eduardo Derbez, among many others, have dedicated themselves to entertaining their fans through social networks. Although many liked this, there are others who disagree, thus making Belinda’s comment valid.