Today Belinda Bencic It appears as the eighth best racket in the world at 23 years of age and it seems to us an incredible result, but the history of the Swiss tennis player showed us golden pages from its first writings. Before reaching the age of majority, Flawil’s already had her feet inserted into the elite, although physical problems and mental pressure pushed her off the board again. Now all that is part of the memory, a learning that helped him row with the same intensity until he regained the place he deserved. In another great exercise of reflection and intimacy through Behind the racquet, the world of tennis enjoys a story of overcoming and maturity that still reserves its best cards for the future.

“It was a great fight dealing with the pressure of reaching the top 10 from the start of my career. Really, I think that once I got there, my body began to send me messages forcing me to take time off, as if something was not right, that’s why I ended up getting injured, ”says the Swiss woman about her arrival at the top. “I think all of this happened for some reason. I learned a lot about myself at that stage, I discovered that in this sport it is always about going back. Now I appreciate tennis more. I think if I hadn’t been injured, I would be exhausted in a couple of years, it would have been only a matter of time until I felt exhausted, so I’m happy with how things have turned out. ”

The Bencic star began to shine before the rest and that, inevitably, ends up being paid at some point if it is not worked in advance. “I was lucky to get this experience when I was still extremely young and ready to fight. I entered the top10 for the first time in San Petesbugo 2016. Then came Miami, where I had my first serious injury, which ended up causing many others. I suffered a serious wrist problem and tried to avoid the operating room while I continued playing for nine months. Finally, in April 2017 I decided to accept the surgery. I was away for another six months and my ranking dropped to 350 in the ranking. In tennis everything is very difficult because you are never in the same place, or you go up or down, “he says four years later.

“When you are a junior you just play, everything is new and exciting, you have nothing to lose and therefore you don’t think too much. As I moved to the top of the sport, I felt too young for everything. For example. Media attention is something you can never prepare for, especially if you don’t have an open mind like I do. Before, I never had to deal with things outside my career, but now anything caught my attention. I no longer enjoyed playing tennis, my goal was never to be the center of attention ”, underlines the woman who found herself, overnight, with all the press behind her.

But fate had a second chance for Belinda. “It was a relief to be able to start from scratch after surgery. I started again, playing without an audience, no one judged me and I loved that. I could have ordered a WC or used the protected ranking, but I wanted to rebuild my trust and my love from below. I began to remember what it was like to appreciate every victory, every minute on the court. I remembered for a second how hard I had worked to get there and compete against players I used to see only on television. Tennis sometimes prevents players from remembering our passion for him, it focuses on other things, such as whether or not you can make it to the top100 and pay a coach and a physical therapist to travel around the world ”, he points out from his experience.

Now, at 23, everything is different. “I am doing my best to try to make a difference in tennis for the next generations. Today I look back at every sacrifice I made and appreciate them for the life I have. The media has always said that it was my father who pushed me into all this, but it was I who told him that I wanted to play tennis. I became guilty when I wasn’t able to do my best every time I was on the track, especially after all the work we had done, but now I am in a better place and I realize there’s always something we’re all dealing with“He concludes.