Belinda and the images that would reveal that she is expecting a baby from Christian Nodal

Since Belinda Y Christian nodal announced their engagement, their fans have not stopped being aware of what the couple publishes on social networks and now they have begun to speculate that They would be expecting a baby after the broadcast of a mysterious video.

These are some images that the same singer shared through stories on Instagram during her time at a jewelry store in which the baggy clothes she wears and the movements of her hands on her belly are raising suspicions.

The singer appears looking at some of the jewelry on the shelves, but all her millions of followers can see is that she was unconsciously touching her belly and the look she wears is not what Belinda usually uses.

Soon, the comments began to emerge and in addition to the fact that many were excited by the rumors, others doubted that the video is recent, as they noticed that the singer was not wearing the engagement ring. There is no doubt that each of the publications of both stars is synonymous with controversy.

Meanwhile, Nodal and Belinda are already preparing for their wedding, which would take place in Spain, where they first plan to marry civilly. Later, the couple will wait a few months for their religious wedding in Mexico, as it was recently announced.

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