Updated 08/11/2020 at 00:03

They no longer hide their love! Belinda and Christian Nodal made their romance official through social networks. The person responsible for making his new sentimental situation public was the Mexican singer with a video published on his Instagram account, where it was observed that both celebrities kiss in a passionate way.

“The unexpected does not need explanations. All I know is that with that unique, beautiful, crazy and pure soul that you have, you stole the greatest love of my life from me and made me believe even in pa always. I love you Belinda. I hope and this ‘publicity’ lasts us for a lifetime my love ”, expressed the interpreter as a description of his video.

Belinda was no stranger to the dedication of her new partner and she responded with an « I love you » in the comments section of the social network.

Belinda and Christian nodal They continued to express their love, but this time under the TV Azteca signal. Both celebrities were encouraged to sing « Of the kisses that I gave you » in the recent edition of « La Voz ».

Although in this live broadcast they did not kiss, both were very loving when interpreting the romantic theme.


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