Belinda and Christian Nodal reveal details of their relationship to Ventaneando | .

For a few days Belinda and Christian Nodal they confirmed their relationship Officially, they shared in an interview with Ventaneando some details of their relationship.

For some weeks now, the names of both coach Mexico’s voice they began to be more popular because the rumors about a relationship between the two were present.

From the moment they announced their relationship, their million followers the topic of their courtship began to become a trend.

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During the short interview published on the YouTube channel XclusivasTV This August 12, which is titled « Belinda leaves the set of Ventaneando after an uncomfortable question, » some of the couple’s secrets were revealed.

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Even though many netizens They have argued that their relationship is just simple marketing to capture everyone’s attention, both Belinda and Nodal admit that it is not, in fact it was Christian who shared a photo where he finally commented:

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Meanwhile many people are happy with this relationship and it is what matters at this moment because they both look very happy.

Belinda already met Christian’s family, took her to celebrate the birthday of his father and affirms that everyone was delighted.

The interpreter of « Forgive me » She also commented that being with her is like a movie, due to the singer’s occurrences, before this Belinda could not help but blush, because she is usually very discreet and reserved, however she did not seem to be bothered by her boyfriend’s comments.

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Regarding the nicknames that we have seen several times on their social networks, Nodal is Raccoon because he always brings dark circles Belinda a little mouse because many people tell him that he looks like one because of his tiny ears and upturned nose.

They also added that they would probably seal their love by getting a tattoo together, « for him if he would, » said the interpreter of « Light without gravity ».

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