Belinda and Christian Nodal are not a couple, Mhoni Vidente reveals who the singer is dating | Instagram

Belinda and Christian Nodal are not a couple! This was assured by Mhoni Vidente to later give details about the true couples of the singers.

The Cuban launched her Briefs of the show for the month of August where she « uncovered » the montage of the most commented couple of the moment.

Mhoni’s words made it more than clear that Belipop and the grupero are not really a couple; however, he noted yes there was something among them.

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In her video shared on the official YouTube channel, she highlighted that Boba’s female singer Nice is dating someone, but it is not the singer, but a politician much older than her.

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Hear it at 3:00.

Belinda is dating someone else who is a politician, older than her, 36 or 38 years old, divorced and Christian Nodal is dating his ex-girlfriend or they are talking; that I do see that they had something to do with it, the Letter of Friends, that they did have some s3l @ tions or p @ sion.

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A post shared by Beli (@belindapop) on Aug 11, 2020 at 1:11 PDT

But Christian Nodal is not alone either and Mhoni pointed out that he is talking with his supposed ex-girlfriend, who would be his partner; He also surprised everyone by revealing that the singer is close to get marry And it’s not with Belinda!

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Christian Nodal is going to give us a surprise soon, he is going to tell us that he is getting married and not just with Belinda, it is with someone else.