Belgium will meet Portugal in a heart attack encounter

06/25/2021 at 09:00 CEST

Euro 2020 is leaving us big surprises for the round of 16. To begin with, there is no team that can be a clear dominator. None of the favorites to win the Euro have shown power with all the teams that have crossed their path. France has tied with Portugal Y Germany, while England tied with Scotland. Thus, two of the favorites to win the trophy have shown that they also have great shortcomings.

If we talk about the current champion, Portugal, we find that he has drawn against France in a fierce 2-2, while in turn she was beaten by Germany with a solid 2-4 in which he couldn’t do much to defend himself. So far he has only managed to beat Hungary, the stone guest of a group of death that has left great victories.

Now you will face Belgium, a selection with a pristine career in a group much more affordable than that of the Portuguese. This can be seen in the stature of his rivals, whom he beat with absolute solvency: Russia (3-0), Denmark (2-1) and Finland (2-0). So for now Belgium is one of the teams that has shown the most efficiency.

This Sunday both teams will meet and decide which of the two deserves to go to the quarterfinals.

Wetaca will have the results of what happened next week

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