Belén Esteban suffers a knee sprain after falling down the stairs

The storm Filomena has left in its wake an increase in the number of injuries caused by falls, and it is that you have to be very careful with the ice. This is in addition to the classic domestic accidents, such as the one that has happened to Belén Esteban, who is on leave due to a sprained knee.

Belén Esteban connects with ‘Save me’ from home

The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ connected with the program during the afternoon of January 12 to explain the reason why she had been absent from her job. « On Saturday I was at the top of my house, I went down and slipped on my sneakers I had been at home, « he narrated from Paracuellos del Jarama. » I hit myself that did me tremendous damage. « 

Due to being held incommunicado due to the heavy snowfall, he could not go to the hospital until Monday, where he was diagnosed as suffering from a knee sprain with involvement of the ligaments and meniscusSo he would have to be off at least a week. « I never hit my knee, but yes i noticed the click because it’s true that I don’t have a bruise, I fell on my ass, « Esteban said.

The complicated return home

Belén Esteban was one of the workers who was in ‘Save me’ on Friday when the storm began to wreak its first damage. The collaborator wanted send a thank you message to the driver who took you home fighting against the inclemencies and comforting her, because, as she herself told, he cried during the journey because of the fear that happened. In short, she has also extended her thanks to the production and direction team and to Kiko Matamoros and Mila Ximénez, who called her from the taxi when they saw how nervous she was when they said goodbye.