Belén Esteban, sued for criminal charges by Rocío Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco would have sued Belén Esteban and Olga Moreno for criminal charges (current partner of her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores). The news jumped on January 13 in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ and, as the hours passed, we have continued to discover details.

Belén Esteban, sued by Rocío Carrasco

It all started when Esteban revealed in ‘Save me’ the supposed problems that Carrasco would have with the Treasury. According to the program’s collaborators, Rocío Jurado’s daughter would have a debt of more than one million euros with the Tax Agency of the Community of Madrid, having not paid the inheritance tax for the inheritance of his mother.

The news would have been discovered as a result of a letter that the tax agency would send to Flores while he was participating in ‘Big Brother VIP’, so it would be his partner, Moreno, who would read the document. In it, the agency demanded that any payment that Flores should make to Carrasco for outstanding debts between the two, be sent directly to the Community of Madrid. Carrasco has stated that the fact that Esteban brought this information to light incurs a crime of revealing secrets, so he will try to bring Moreno and the princess of the town to court.

Reactions to the demand

The collaborators of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ made reference in their comments that the lawsuit against both would be completely useless: « Rocío understands that they have revealed their secrets, but it is that It is as ridiculous as going to the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid and seeing the debts that a person has. That is something we can access. « Alessandro Lecquio made a mockery of the situation by saying: « This woman has to be exhausted with so much fighting, because it does not do anything else. We all have the right to justice, but not to abuse of justice « , sentenced the collaborator.

Toño Sanchís could join to denounce

During the morning of January 14, the collaborators of ‘Ya es noon’ the collaborators have commented that Carrasco might not be the only one interested in suing Belén Esteban at this time. « Toño Sanchís threatens to return to the charge against Belén for revealing private information about him », revealed Miguel Ángel Nicolás. The collaborators referred to the fact that this possible attack by Sanchís would be nothing more than a « tantrum » having lost his resources against the princess of the people.