During confinement, Belén Esteban has been demonstrating to the audience of ‘Sálvame’ her cooking skills. He prepared recipes during the afternoon program and also commented on the dishes that were made in ‘The Last Supper’, participating in the last installment. Now, he has gone one step further, publishing his own recipe book.

Belén Esteban promotes her book in ‘Sálvame’

‘Save me’ gave this news in the afternoon before the author of the book, who assured that it is « easy recipes that look good » and it is a project that was proposed before confinement. All the dishes that teaches how to prepare the collaborator has learned them from her mother. « She was in the kitchen and I saw how she made them », he remembers, and for that reason he has dedicated it: « To my mother Carmen ».

Esteban comments that she is not « a cook of ‘what good does everything’ because I do not know how to do it », and that what she wants is to show the recipes of a lifetime in a very simple way with the characteristic touch of her mother, such as example make the croquettes with hard-boiled egg. There are also recipes for salmorejo or the potato omelette, « which is very easy to make, but has its technique », recognize.

Her mother is « very excited »

The collaborator has made a list on the set of her five favorite dishes: potato omelette, Russian salad, Russian steaks, gazpacho and salmorejo. All these recipes and many more are in the book that has a section on « tricks to make the dishes turn out well », according to Esteban. Furthermore, the author of the book has confessed that her mother is « very excited » and that surely she has already recommended it to all her friends in Benidorm.