Belén Esteban is sentenced to pay 10,000 euros to Ángela Portero

The Provincial Court of Madrid has confirmed the sentence already issued by Court number 3 of Pozuelo de Alarcón for which Belén Esteban was condemned to compensate with 10,000 euros to Angela Portero for the violation of the honor and privacy of the journalist.

“With great joy I inform you that I have won the trial against Belén Esteban. The Provincial Court of Madrid confirms the sentence imposed on Belén Esteban: € 10,000 compensation, reading of the sentence in Telecinco (GH VIP) and imposition of the costs. Now yes: PA GA ME !!“Angela Portero said euphoric on her Twitter account.

The origin of the lawsuit, which dates back to 2015, comes from when Belén Esteban was a contestant on Big Brother VIP, a program where she insinuated that Angela goalkeeper consumed substances, something that has not been proven, for which Esteban has been convicted.

Esteban said in the house of Guadalix that Angela Portero had led an unhealthy life, in a context in which it could be interpreted that he was accusing her of consuming narcotics.

The 10,000 euros of compensation will not be the only disbursement that Belén Esteban has to make, since she has been sentenced to pay costs, which means that she has to pay the legal and legal expenses of both parties, which usually means a good sum, especially when the demand has had to reach the Provincial Court.

To Belén Esteban You only have to go to the Supreme Court If you do not accept the court ruling, arguing your right to freedom of expression against the right to honor and privacy, something that a priori and without evidence, seems complicated.