Belarus bans the sale of Skoda cars in the country … and the reason seems ridiculous


ACD avatar ACD May 13, 2021

As revenge for not being able to celebrate the Ice Hockey World Cup, Belarus has decided to ban the sale of Skoda cars.

Surprising news comes to us from Belarus. The country, which formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, has banned the import and sale of Skoda cars. Any reason related to the safety of the Czech brand’s models? No, the cause must be sought in the revenge of the country’s president, Alexander Lukashenko, because his country was stripped of the right to host the World Ice Hockey Championship.

Apparently the pressures of three western sponsors ended the dream of Belarus to host the World Cup of one of the most popular sports in the country … and the executive has decided to fight back by banning the products manufactured by the three German companies.

Skoda, one of the great sponsors of ice hockey

2 photos Skoda, one of the great sponsors of ice hockey


Thus, the products of Skoda Autoowned 100 × 100 by German automaker Volkswagen; from Liqui moly, German manufacturer of motor oils and lubricants; and the German multinational of skin products Beiersdorf, whose most famous brand is Nivea, cannot be marketed in Belarus.

Lukashenko has justified the measure, noting that it is necessary to “Protect national interests, taking into account unfriendly actions towards the Belarusian people”. Since May 5, Belarusians will not be able to buy products manufactured by the three companies, all of them sponsors of the next Ice Hockey World Championship and who had threatened to withdraw if the event was held as planned in the Belarusian capital, Minsk. .

Skoda celebrates its 125th anniversary

This is the only answer of the controversial Lukashenko, who already accumulates a series of fines and sanctions from different international organizations. Thus, the European Union has carried out several rounds of sanctions against Belarus since the September 2020 elections and the brutal repression of the regime against critics and protesters. The United States has also imposed sanctions on Belarusian petrochemical companies.

The curious thing about the case is that the Skoda that are sold in Belarus (about 3,700 cars during 2020) come from russian factories, a country with which Belarus maintains very good relations and with which a reunification is being studied.

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