“Being a champion is a difficult goal to achieve”

04/05/2021 at 5:00 PM CEST

Fernando Alonso has spoken on ‘Sky Sports F1’ about his past in Formula 1 and what he looks like now and in the not too distant future. The Asturian recalled, among other things, what was his best season for him: I think 2012 was the best season for me in driving style, results and getting the most out of the Ferrari. In that year I was able to get 100% out of the car. “Alonso has returned to F1 to win and come back as competitive as he was in his best years and believes that” hopefully I’ll be close to that again this year because I’ve learned a lot in my two years out of F1“says the Spaniard that he looks very competitive on his return.

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Alonso won the world champion title twice and was runner-up three times. Now he has returned to get his third world title but he knows that it is not easy at all seeing the competitive grid that is now in the great circus: We all want to win, but only one can do it and at the end of the year there is only one champion. It is a difficult goal to achieve. F1, and sport in general, is not exactly math with which you can plan things in advance. You are just trying to make your trip as pleasant as possible “assures the Spanish.

The Asturian is clear that this season will be to regain feelings, work hard and achieve improvements with the Alpine, but his goal is set especially in 2022 when the F1 regulations change and he can, in his opinion, really fight for win: “What I want to do is prove myself, try to help the team at this important moment in the transition from Renault to Alpine and the great future I think it has. I am here to help the team with the experience and knowledge that I have accumulated and add momentum to the team to continue from 2022 “says the two-time world champion.

At 39, Alonso continues with the dream of winning the champion crown again and will work hard to achieve the best results even if it is not in the short term: I’m trying to make this comeback a good opportunity to win races and be as competitive as possible., but not with a clear objective or a set time frame. You work hard to achieve results and those dreams that you have in your head “concluded the Alpine pilot.