Beijing Police Arrest K-pop Star Kris Wu On Rape Allegations – Chihuahua News – Intrelines

Beijing Police detained famous Sino-Canadian K-pop singer Wu Yifan, known as ‘Kris Wu’, as a rape suspect, Global Times reports. Chaoyang District officers said Saturday that the star allegedly “repeatedly tricked young men into having sex” with him.

The arrest comes more than a week after a young woman revealed that the artist seduced teenagers with the excuse of his possible appearance in one of his music videos. Faced with this complaint, several Chinese and international brands took away his sponsorship.

During an interview with a local portal, the 19-year-old ‘influencer’ Du Meizhu denounced that Wu raped her when she was 17 and explained that the victims were deceived and taken to bars to drink alcohol. He even claimed that the singer tried to buy his silence with 500,000 yuan (about $ 77,100), although he assured that he will continue with the lawsuit.

Wu, in turn, rejected all the accusations against him.

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