Universal Pictures has published the Spanish trailer and poster of ‘An irresistible plan‘, a comedy written and directed by Jon Stewart about what happens when a small town in Wisconsin becomes the main focus of the country’s political attention.

Starring Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper or Mackenzie Davis, among others, the premiere in Spanish cinemas of this political stretch is scheduled for next August 21.

His official argument is as follows: « When the most prominent strategist on the Democratic National Committee, Gary Zimmer (Carell), sees a video of retired Navy Colonel Jack Hastings (Cooper) defending the rights of local paperless workers, he immediately believed having discovered the key to getting voters back from deep America. « 

« With that idea in mind, Gary decides to pay a surprise visit to the Hastings farm in the rural town of Deerlaken, Wisconsin, to persuade this retired and politically unconvinced Marine to run for mayor. To do this, Gary trusted Jack’s competent daughter Diana (Davis) and his team of enthusiastic and inexperienced volunteers from the start. « 

« But when the Republican National Committee strikes back by sending Faith Brewster (Byrne) – her brilliant nmesis – to fight for the mayor, Gary will be forced to put all the meat on the spit. With Gary and Faith measuring their strength, which started Like a local race, it quickly jumps into the national political arena, turning into a hilarious confrontation to conquer the soul of North America …

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