‘Masters of Sewing’ aired on the night of March 23 the semifinal of its third edition. Five trainees remained in the workshops, but only four would move on to the last program. Begoña, Margarita, Joshua, David and La Brava faced three major events in which to demonstrate that they deserved their place in the grand final.

Joshua, Margarita, Begoña and David, finalists of the third edition of ‘Masters of sewing’

After a first test in which the five apprentices made a garment following the luxury pattern with more or less success, they had to face the medieval fashion in the team event. Chance led to Begoña and Joshua forming a team, while Margarita, David and La Brava were in the second. Two of the four finalists of the contest would come out of this outdoor test and the course of the program made it clear who they were going to be.

The team dress captained by Margarita left a lot to be desired, while Begoña’s had the acceptance of the jury. Therefore, Lorenzo Caprile, Palomo Spain and María Escoté decided that Begoña and Joshua became the first finalists of the third edition and, therefore, they got rid of the expulsion test. In this way, the other three contestants had a last chance to demonstrate that they deserved to get closer to that winning position.

The last one expelled from the edition

With Begoña and Joshua observing the workshop from the tranquility, Margarita, David and La Brava gambled the place in the final. To earn this privilege, they had to transform one or more dresses from the haberdashery, in order to make a different one. Margarita managed to internalize the theme of the test perfectly, despite having its flaws, but David and La Brava were not so clear. The jury considered that La Brava had customized instead of transformed the garment, while David, although he had made more changes to his dress, this one had many deficiencies. After looking more closely at the garments, the three designers decided that La Brava was the last expelled from the edition, reason why Margarita and David became finalists.