Before the public listing of Coinbase, a company valued at $ 77 billion

Coinbase officially announced its intention to go public through direct listing. The total value of the company was estimated at $ 77 billion. The Nasdaq valuation is based on Coinbase private stocks. Each of these stocks trades at $ 303 in secondary markets.

Coinbase has not made an official comment on this.

However, sources familiar with the matter say the third weekly transaction “closed on Friday”. And that the compensation price was “$ 303 per share”. In the first week, the trade was $ 200 per share, and thereafter it was $ 301 and $ 303 per share, respectively in the second and third week.

Coinbase intends to become a publicly traded company. The company expects the proposed listing to “be in accordance with a registration statement”. This statement is on Form S-1 with the United States SEC.

If Coinbase got SEC approval for listing, such approval would add validity to the traditional narrative of Bitcoin and the crypto-economy as a whole. At the time of going to press, the Coinbase pre-IPO (CBSE) contract was trading at $ 384.39 on FTX derivatives.

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