Before the initiative of the national government to send its IVE project, we go for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion

From the fronts of women and diversities that make up the Frente de Todxs We support the national government initiative to send its Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy project during this month of November and we urge its treatment before the end of the current year in the National Congress.

The demand for the legalization of voluntary abortion has a long history of struggle in our country and social support has grown enormously from the push of all the organizations and the feminist movement that raised this flag and especially from the hand of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion, which this year celebrated 15 years. In 2018, the green tide demonstrated in the streets that the illegality of abortion subjects thousands of women and pregnant people to clandestine situations and unsafe conditions that put their lives at risk.

Refer to the legalization of voluntary abortion It is not only to take a practice that exists in our country out of hiding: it is also for the State to take care of guaranteeing access to comprehensive health for all. Currently, it is the people with the fewest resources and the most vulnerable who put their lives at risk when they voluntarily interrupt a pregnancy clandestinely. Without legal abortion there is no social justice.

On the other hand, Advancing with this legislation would contribute today to decompressing the health system, given that Misoprostol treatments – one of the most effective and safest methods – are ambulatory. According to the World Health Organization, they do not carry risks when they are carried out with the pertinent information and therefore they do not present possible complications that imply admission and use of beds in hospitals.

From this space, during the electoral campaign, we assumed the commitment to defend the autonomy and sovereignty over our bodies, access to comprehensive health as a universal right, and the priority of the gender and feminist agenda in public policies to guarantee the construction of a political project and a more egalitarian country with social justice.

Talking about the right to decide implies assuming a deep commitment to guarantee access to sexual, reproductive and non-reproductive rights as part of fundamental human rights. The law on the legal interruption of pregnancy is then part of that line and is a continuation of the Law on Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation passed in 2003, which, among other things, guarantees free contraceptive methods throughout the public health system and the law. which establishes Comprehensive Sex Education at the different educational levels approved in 2006. Other laws that contributed to these rights are also equal marriage (2010) and the gender identity law (2012). It is our government that has carried out fundamental policies to guarantee the rights of women, lesbians, transvestites, trans, bisexuals, non-binaries and intersex, as demonstrated by the creation of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity and the decree of the quota transvestite – trans.

Finally, we repudiate the acts of threats and intimidation that comrades have received in recent days. The debate around the legalization of abortion must be respectful of ideas and plural.

Once again we say again: Sex Education to decide, Contraceptives not to abort and Legal Abortion not to die. Therefore, in this complex context, To regain strength in the streets, we convened in a federal key to creatively build the necessary methods so that the voices, the determination of the millions who were in 2018 are present and that the green tide floods all spaces; even the legislative and executive spheres in these weeks that will be defining to change history.

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