“Before the final I will think about those who have seen me grow up”

05/14/2021 at 10:30 AM CEST


The Barcelona player Aitana Bonmatí (Sant Pere de Ribes, 1998) explains that in the moments before the final of the Champions League that the Barça team will play on Sunday against Chelsea in Gothenburg, she will think of all those people who have seen her grow and that when you see it on television (the meeting will not be able to attend the public) you will be proud of it.

In this interview with EFE the midfielder exposes her feelings for the second European final in the history of Barcelona and the joy at winning the First Iberdrola title (without losing or drawing any match) last weekend after beating the Granadilla and Levante draw against Espanyol.

Last weekend they starred in the covers of sports newspapers with the achievement of the league title, a fact that a few years ago would have seemed like a utopia. Leaving aside that it is something clearly positive for the growth of women’s football, does it impose extra pressure on them? How are you managing the new media dimension?

No pressure. We have to rejoice for the media presence that we have had in recent days. It is something very positive and it is not causing anybody to get the fumes going to the head. We simply value it very much because it is something that a few years ago was not seen.

Have these covers been commented on in the dressing room?

Yes, we discussed them. I myself appeared on a cover with one of the photographs in the pool and I discussed it with the companions. These things are a demonstration of what women’s football is growing and also of the change that is taking place in society.

Precisely in the videos and photographs of the celebration of the League title, a very good atmosphere among the players of the squad can be appreciated. It really is that?

Yes Yes. We are very cohesive, we all get along very well. And the best thing about winning titles is celebrating them. In those moments it is very noticeable that we are a united group and that we do pineapple.

There is also a union of the squad with the coach, Lluís Cortés. What is it bringing them?

A: We have grown as a team thanks to him and his coaching staff, it’s everyone’s business. The squad and the coaching staff have taken a step forward together. We have had the work, the ambition and the perseverance to get to what we are now.

How do you change the chip from celebrating a League to playing a Champions League final in just one week?

A Champions League final is reason enough to change the chip. The challenge before us is so great that it comes out alone. We want to win the first Champions League for Barça.

Do you notice an added pressure when it comes to winning this Champions League considering that in 2019 against Olympique de Lyon, Barcelona were clearly not the favorite team?

We do not feel this pressure, we expect a very close final, the two teams have very good arguments and we have come this far for something. I don’t think it’s an uneven final and therefore anyone can win.

For Chelsea it will be the first Champions League final in its history. Can this be an advantage for Barça?

It is true that we have already experienced this situation and we know what it is to play a final. Perhaps in this sense we are more prepared, but the game will be very even and I do not consider that this factor has too much relevance.

Do you feel the same nerves as before the 2019 final or do you live in a calmer way this time?

Nerves there are. When you think about the match they appear a bit.

And how is the team living the previous week?

Excited, eager. The wait is a bit long, we really want Sunday to arrive so we can play, which in the end is what we like.

What do you think will go through your head during the moments before the start of the final?

I don’t know, I’ll try to be focused on the game. And I will think of all the people who have seen me grow up and who at that moment will be watching it on television while enjoying and being proud that as a person I have come so far.

After qualifying for the Champions League final and the League title, do they stop you more on the street?

The truth is that I have not been out on the streets much because we have to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, we are taking good care of ourselves in this regard. It is true that in my town, Sant Pere de Ribes, people know me. In Barcelona it is more complicated, but they know us more and more.

Last weekend, before winning the League, they played their match at the Granadilla field, which has an artificial turf pitch. This happened just a week before playing the final of the Champions League, with the danger of injuries that this entails. How do you assess this fact?

If it’s a shame. The Granadilla field is one of the worst in the League to play because it is not in good condition and in the end the artificial turf has a greater chance of causing injuries. It is clear that if you want to take a step to professionalize the League, these kinds of things must change and if we want to continue growing as a competition as well. This matter of the fields is paramount.

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