Before Harry? Prince William’s children will see Lady Di

Before Harry? Children of Prince William will see Lady Di | AP

Apparently the unveiling of the statue of the princess Lady Diana of Wales It will not be a surprise element for everyone, much less for Prince William and his family who, according to what they indicate, will be the first to see it! prince harry!

The statue that intends to be unveiled for the 60th anniversary of Princess Diana of Wales this July 1 is already in Kensington, it transcended and would be the prince william along with his three children, Prince Georige, Charlotte and Louis, as well as his wife, Kate Middleton, the first to see her.

Apparently, there will be no special moment in which for the first time, the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth and the deceased, “Philip of Edinburgh” are the first to see their remembered mother together again, despite the fact that it was known that the “Meghan Markle’s husband“You are already in the UK to be a participant in this commemorative day.

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It transpired that the “duke of cambridge“He plans to make a private visit to the new monument in honor of his mother, days before the official presentation ceremony, and the sculpture is safely stored in a box on the property prior to its unveiling, it was reported.

However, before the world can admire her in all her splendor, it will be “William of Cambridge”, also called “His Royal Highness”, “Knight of the Garter” among other titles, who will visit her along with his wife and their three children.

It is worth mentioning that according to The Telegraph, Prince Harry will also have a moment alone with the statue of his mother to celebrate such a special occasion although surrounded by contradictions amid the marked estrangement with his older brother, William, who surpasses him with three years.

Various details that have emerged about this event which will take place in one of the gardens of Kensington Palace, next Thursday, July 1, will have the essential presence of his only two children. For his part, the second in line to the throne after Carlos de Gales, will be accompanied by his family.

Prince Harry, who unfortunately had to go only for the second time after moving to California, this after the recent birth of his second daughter, Lilibeth Diana, which again prevented Meghan Markle from traveling to the British country.

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“Prince Charles will not attend”

Another of those absent will be Prince Charles, who has been confirmed not to attend this commemoration, as he appears to be away during those days, which has also sparked some speculation about his reluctance to reunite with his second son, the “Duke of Sussex”.

Possibly, this does not represent surprise or annoyance in many of the British citizens who, according to the media, have shown their antipathy to the “future heir to the throne” in particular, this would increase after the last season of the series “The Crown”, today Camila’s husband! Parker would like to avoid an awkward moment!

“They will give separate speeches”

Those who until a few years ago were the inseparable brothers, will now honor their mother with a separate speech, according to certain details that circulate from the palace, shortly after this moment, the tension increases before the next meeting between two of the most beloved members of royalty.

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So far, what is known about the arrival of Guillermo de Cambridge’s younger brother is that the “former army soldier” stayed at the house that was briefly where he lived with the actress after their marriage, “Frogmore Cottage “, where Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank currently reside.

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