The project has grabbed the attention of residents and will run until the end of May when mobility restrictions begin to be lifted.

The contingency for coronavirus It has forced the entire world to stay at home to avoid contagions from the outbreak of the virus, however, the entertainment industry has sought alternatives so that the population can clear themselves for a moment from the confinement, but maintaining the sanitary regulations of the authorities.

An example of this is Lithuania, the European country that has turned its airport in a drive-in It has the largest screen in the Baltic States as it is approximately the size of a five-story building.

According to the Motorpasion portal, the platform of the Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania, which until a few months ago served as a take-off and landing strip, has been converted into a cinema with capacity for 220 cars.

Aerocine of Lithuania.
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The project, called ‘Aerocine-The Journey Begins‘, Began operating on April 29, and has been organized by the Vilnius International Film Festival, who premiered this peculiar cinema with the Oscar-winning film, ‘Parasites‘, of Bong Joon-ho. There were around 300 people who attended the screening and for which an entry fee of 15 euros was charged.

The sound system works through the car radio, which has to tune in to the indicated station in order to obtain the audio channel. The space also has ushers, who are responsible for indicating where cars should park to maintain a safe distance between them.

This action guarantees the monitoring of physical distance guidelines and other necessary security measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Aerocine of Lithuania.
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Tickets are purchased in advance online and only cars with a maximum of two people can access the projection area.


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