Before being intubated for coronavirus, he confesses to his wife that he was unfaithful

The man confessed the truth to his wife but in the worst way.

Photo: Alberto Valdés / EFE

Much is said that when death stalks you, it is the appropriate time to repent Of everything bad that you have done in this life.

That seems to be what happened to a man from Brazil, whose identity was not disclosed, which minutes before being intubated after catching the coronavirus, he made a very cruel confession to his wife.

The patient asked the doctors to allow him to communicate with his wife before carrying out the intubation procedure, so that he could say goodbye to her, since he did not know if she would continue to live, especially because he needed to tell her something very important.

Despite the fact that in previous days he had forbidden his wife to visit him in the hospital for fear that he would also catch COVID-19; However, that day he did allow her to see him because it was urgent that he speak with her.

But to your surprise The wife found her best friend in her husband’s room, taking the worst of surprises when her husband confessed that he had been unfaithful to her for a long time.

In addition, he indicated that from that moment on, it would be his lover who would take care of him, in case he managed to survive the coronavirus.

“From today she will take care of my things. You can go, ”was what the unfaithful would have said to the deceived, according to an interview that the woman gave to the Globo television network.

Hurt by what happened, the deceived woman went to the police to file a lawsuit against her friend, allegedly for the theft of various objects that were the property of her still husband, including several important documents.

Until now the state of health of this man is not known.

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