Beerus confesses to Vegeta a secret about the Saiyans and a brutal combat breaks out between them

The images that had been leaked made sense.

Chapter 69 of the Dragon Ball Super manga was published and we are filled with excitement for everything that was revealed. There is new information on Granola and your planet that will develop more calmly later. But, what surprised everyone was a dialogue between Vegeta and Beerus. As the god of destruction tried to teach him a new technique, he finally confessed one of his greatest secrets.


Doing a kind of prelude to the new technique, Beerus begins to fill Vegeta with questions. They all have to do with his past. Specifically, he talks about the time when the Saiyajin planet existed and his race was operating normally.

At that time the race of warriors went from planet to planet destroying their populations, and then giving them to Freeza. In that sense the conversation progresses. The prince of the Saiyans, far from understanding, is confused about the path of the aforementioned dialogue.

Bills’ confession

Bills’ confession dates back to previous arcs, including one that came out in film and anime. During the first appearance of the God of Destruction, when he learns that Frieza was defeated, he secretly reminds Whis that he gave the order to destroy Goku and Vegeta’s home planet.

Then, in the middle of the dialogue, he confessed it to him and this unleashed Vegeta’s anger. Immediately, the prince raised his ki and went to attack him. Obviously the difference in power was very noticeable and Bills gave Vegeta a beating.

After she practically neutralized him, she told him that she couldn’t carry her past if she wanted to learn the new technique. « I think of nothing but destruction. If you want this power, destroy unnecessary thoughts and start over from scratch. Before creation comes destruction« , he sentenced.

It was a very revealing episode from the beginning to the end. What we thought were going to be filler chapters turned out to be very exciting stories. Now we have to wait for the next number, 70, in a month.