Beeple launches NFT project of “Iconic Moments” of sports, music and many more

Beeple, known worldwide for selling the most expensive collection of non-expendable tokens (NFT) in history, announced the launch of the NFT project “WENEW”, which will auction and sell iconic moments from music, sports, comedy and other cultural fields.

On Thursday, June 24, the well-known digital artist Beeple announced through Twittter the launch of a new NFT project called WENEW.

Iconic moments

The project will sell “Iconic Moments” (iconic moments, in Spanish) from music, sports, comedy and other cultural fields.

Each moment will be protected as an NFT in Ethereum and se will be represented in a physical glass enclosure similar to the ones Beeple has used to sell his work in the past.

It is important to note that WENEW will also use Arweave to include editorial work alongside each piece.

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The project launched by Beeple begins with a selection of five NFTs from Andy Murray’s victory at the 2013 Wimbledon tennis tournament, each of which has a different level of scarcity.

A highlight of WENEW is that it has a concept that resembles NBA Topshot, the famous NFT game in which basketball fans bid for clips of their favorite NBA moments.

According to the official WENEW website, the project has partnered with the Open Earth Foundation in order to:

“Establish practices designed to minimize energy-intensive transactions.”

At the same time it will finance climate initiatives and offset its carbon footprint.

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According to what Beeple pointed out when announcing the project:

“This is another use case for NFT completely separate from digital art. As I mentioned many times in interviews, this technology is EXTREMELY broad and flexible and we are at the absolute beginning ”.

Beeple gained worldwide fame on March 11 after completing the most expensive sale of an NFT in Ethereum (ETH).

The collection “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” auctioned at Christie’s, It was sold for $ 69,346,250, as reported by BeInCrypto.

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