Becky Lynch had to give up her RAW Women’s Championship after she found out she was pregnant. Now she is at home keeping a healthy distance and taking care of her pregnancy.

Seth Rollins did a question session with Joseph Staszewski, where they discussed their rivalry with Rey Mysterio and their Lynch break outside of WWE.

Becky Lynch hates being locked up and misses WWE

He stated that the former RAW Women’s Champion misses having goals regarding her work. “The Man” kept busy while she was busy at the company.

“Oh, she hates it. She doesn’t hate not being around the business entirely. Obviously, any type of entertainment industry is stressing you out, so she won’t miss that part. She missed going, go, go. Miss having goals in mind. She misses having something to work for.

She likes to go a million miles an hour, and then think what the hell is next. ‘ In the midst of a pandemic, where there just isn’t much to do overall, it’s definitely a very tough test for her. It’s amazing and she’s getting over it, but it sure is different for her. “

Becky is currently considered one of the company’s great established superstars, and the highest grossing.

2019 was the year of “The Man” as it quickly rose with great popularity, where it topped Wrestlemania 35 by beating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become a double champion in the main event.

She even appeared on the cover of the WWE 2K20 video game with Roman Reigns, she had the title for almost a year until she left it because of her pregnancy, handing it over to Asuka, since she won the Money in the Bank for Women.

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