Becky G causes controversy by meeting with a BTS fans are pending | Instagram

A few months ago Becky G and J Hope from the band BTS They had a meeting in which their fans went crazy because they immediately thought they would throw something together.

Rumors that BTS member J Hope and Becky G were up to something finally materialized and his fans freak out over their new video. Chicken Noodle Soup.

The official video has just been released on the YouTube channel, the talent union of Becky G and J Hope It is already a success.

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Known for being a freelance, beautiful, smart and very talented Becky G draws attention to wherever she attends.

She is just 23 years old and is already a recognized figure around the world, the interpreter of “Greater” He has collaborated with great artists and has also had the opportunity to appear on different covers of important magazines.

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The possibility that the member of BTS and the reggetonera made a collaboration kept maddened Twitter, everything began when J Hope and Becky G began to follow each other.

Subsequently, the publications classified by their followers as “hidden messages” began. J-Hope shared that he had “another secret”.

Becky G is known for having an exquisite figure, she constantly shares photos on her Instagram account where she appears wearing her attractive thing that fascinates her 24.6 million followers.

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The singer often takes photos in some of them she appears as an angel, in others with colored hair, it seems that Becky can look beautiful in any type of look, in all of them he looks quite different in the different phases of the session so intense that he had with the photographers of the acclaimed magazine.

Last year the singer released her album “Bad Santa” with a rather strong meaning:

“I decided to call it that because of the transition I have lived from girl to adult. I have a very sweet side, but as I have grown and matured I have realized things, ”he said.

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