Because of Windows 11’s ‘fault’ the prices of TPM 2.0 chips soar

The launch of Windows 11 made many know what are and what are the TPM 2.0 chips. This is because this component built into the motherboard is one of the requirements that Microsoft has stipulated to install its new operating system. Although most of the current computers – from 2016 to date – already arrive with this integrated module, it has generated a lot of uncertainty among users. And that has given rise to speculators.

Since the introduction of Windows 11, the prices of TPM 2.0 chips that can be purchased on the web soared. And the public has not hesitated to point to the new operating system as the main culprit for this happening. The trend has been seen in some of the biggest online stores, with jumps of up to $ 75 in price.

HTC CEO Shen Ye posted a screenshot showing how TPM 2.0 chips went from $ 24.90 to $ 99.90 in just 12 hours. “Microsoft, can you not enforce a TPM requirement during a component shortage? Especially considering that most desktop motherboards support TPM only as a purchase accessory,” he also noted.

It is clear that there are people in the world who find a business opportunity in everything. The rise in demand and the sharp increase in prices appears to be the work of speculators, who want to make more money by reselling the modules.

Windows 11 and the rise in prices of TPM 2.0 chips

Windows 11 TPM 2.0

If you have found that the requirement for TPM 2.0 can cause a problem when trying to install Windows 11, pay attention. Component demand and price impact are completely unjustified. The lack of official information and fear are factors that play a key role in this story.

According to AMD’s Robert Hallock, Microsoft’s technical documentation 11 ensures that future builds of Windows 11 will also work with TPM 1.2 chips, despite the formal requirement of TPM 2.0.

Anyway, when writing this article, we found an extra piece of information that was detected by journalist Tom Warren, from The Verge. Microsoft changed the minimum hardware requirements web page for Windows 11, and TPM 1.2 support and processor support “soft floor” disappeared.

For now, not to despair or get carried away by those who try to take advantage of the public under any circumstances.

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