Nobody can deny the great success that the new series of ‘Star Wars’ is having, starring the bounty hunter, Din Djarin and the adorable baby Yoda, so surely in the next awards season, the program will win some awards, in fact, ‘The Mandalorian’ changed the rules of the Golden Globes.

In the series Pedro Pascal plays Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter, who can not remove his helmet for any reason in front of another living being, since doing so would be breaking the vows he made when he earned his right to be considered a Mandalorian, so his face remained hidden for almost all the season.

Because his face is not visible, Pascal may have been left out of the Golden Globes last year, this is because in this era where the use of masks has become an element of some series, the awards modified their rules so that the actors who play these characters can no longer compete for an award, which without any doubt will affect several stars.

It is for this reason that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that “voice-only performances are not eligible in any performance category,” meaning that although the actors are present on screen, if they do not see their faces they cannot be nominated in no performance category, a rule that was undoubtedly brought about by ‘The Mandalorian’.

According to experts, because Pascal is under the helmet throughout the series, he caused this new rule, fortunately the HFPA claimed the actor could have been selected last year to compete for a Golden Globe thanks to the fact that he showed his face at the end of the season, we hope that this time the same will happen again, since if he does not do so he will be out of any competition due to the new rule that has just been created.

This is how ‘The Mandalorian’ changed the rules of the Golden Globes and it is that the series has become a benchmark in the universe ‘Star Wars’, getting even better reviews than those obtained by the new trilogy, so if you follow the same path in the second season, you will surely get several awards home . We hope that the new rules do not end up affecting your chances of competing in the next prize giving.