Because of Andrea Legarreta? Laura Flores reveals why she left Hoy

Because of Andrea Legarreta ?, Laura Flores reveals why she left Hoy | Instagram

After six years and being one of the most beloved faces of the Hoy Program, Laura Flores placeholder image It came out, now after so many years and in the midst of the controversy over the alleged resignation of Marisol González, the host and also an actress revealed whether Andrea Legarreta was responsible for his departure.

The beloved Laura Flores gave an interview to Heraldo Televisión, where she was asked whether the famous television host and wife of Erik Rubín had something to do with her departure from the Hoy Program. The beloved güerita assured that her departure was due to a project.

Flores confessed that after six years in the morning star of Televisa A telenovela opportunity came to him and the producer gave him a choice between Today and the novel, that’s how he chose to record the melodrama leaving Hoy.

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Laura Flores was also questioned about whether she was banned from Televisa, where she has been absent for a long time; However, the talented actress was sincere and indicated that it was she who left the Mexican television, this after Telemundo offered her a check with a zero more.

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The famous one confessed that after the end of her contract at Telemundo the situation was very difficult and later, it was Juan Osorio who returned her to Televisa. This beautiful actress questioned Niurka Marcos’ ex-husband about whether it was banned, but the producer told her that if there are no contracts or exclusivity, there could not be a veto either.

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Currently, Laura has been away from the screen, but developing one of her passions. The artist indicated that she has her own pet hair salon and is certified in it. In addition, she is preparing to be a veterinary technician.

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Laura Flores confessed that she has always loved pets and that she is finally doing something that has her in contact with them and she is more than happy. She confessed that sometimes they recognize her, but everything is very calm and she enjoys it.

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