Beazley design. A seesaw on the US-Mexico border wins


London / 19.01.2021 08:20:34

The rollercoaster of events that the world has experienced this year has been reflected in the design, from the feminist anthem that from Chile went around the world to the seesaw created for children, one on the side of the border wall between Mexico and another in United States territory play together.

The awards Beazley 2020, which delivers the Design Museum of London, distinguished as the best design of the year to a seesaw devised by the architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello that goes through the wall and allows children from both sides of the border to play together.

In this work, baptized as Teeter-Totter Wall (Seesaw wall), creation in which the Chopeke Collective, a community of architects that seeks to solve the lack of decent housing in the Latin American country.

From Mexico to Chile with the award for best Digital Design for the performance « A rapist on your way » from the LASTESIS Collective, a group of feminist women from Valparaíso.

The Chilean feminist collective has gone around the world with this protest song that tries to denounce through this feminist anthem the violations of women’s rights in the context of the protests that took place in that country in 2019.

The vegan claim with the Product Design award for a 100 percent plant-based hamburger defined as the « best meat for the planet » by the company Impossible Foods (Impossible Food) has not been ignored either.

This American company develops its dishes through plant-based substitutes for meat products, such as the « hamburger 2.0 » distinguished this year by the Design Museum in London and which is already sold in thousands of restaurants and is being distributed around the world.

The Beazley Awards have not been able to forget the protagonist of 2020: the covid-19 pandemic. In the category for best Graphic Design, the chosen one has been a three-dimensional image that represents a molecule of SARS-CoV-2 view from a microscope.

The purpose of this project carried out by two medical illustrators from the United States, Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins, is to sensitize public opinion to the virus that has been represented in a « beautiful but deadly » way.

« All of this year’s awardees contain powerful messages of change and demonstrate the ability of design to explore new ideas in the face of difficult issues facing the world today, » as Tim Marlow, executive director of the Design Museum, said in a statement.