Beauty in bloom, Karime Pindter couldn’t contain her charms

Beauty in bloom, Karime Pindter could not contain her charms (Instagram)

Beauty in bloom, Karime Pindter couldn’t contain her charms | Instagram

The beautiful Karime Pindter enjoyed a rich vacation without forgetting to delight her followers on Instagram, so she shared a photo of how spectacular she looked, so much so that her charms overflowed.

And is that the beautiful Matriushka from Acapulco Shore decided to model with green nature in the background and a hammock from what appears to be a hotel room.

The beautiful Karime Pindter chose to delight Instagram a two-piece swimsuit with a flower print, so small, that you can see a good part of her charms that could not be contained by her wardrobe.

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The Acapulco Shore star’s outfit was complemented by dark glasses and her loose, soaked hair. His attire allowed to observe perfectly his well-worked anatomy, his steel abdomen and well shaped legs; in addition to her beautiful silhouette that left more than one breathless.

This beauty of a woman shared the photograph in question on August 30 on her official Instagram account and exceeded 400 thousand reactions on the famous social network, the more than 900 comments on it spoke about her beauty and sent many kisses to the beautiful Karime Pindter.

Along with the photograph, the member of Acapulco shore wrote a thank you message for the place and confessed needing to disconnect for a few days.

We all need to disconnect from reality for a while, the beautiful Karime Pindter shared with the publication.

This influencer has more than five million followers on Instagram and has made the best use of her fame obtained thanks to the MTV reality show.


But that did not stop there, because Karime decided to start her own business and opened her online flower shop. The businesswoman shared on social networks days before the arrival of February 14 that her business had been opened and would provide service in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

Karime Pindter She surprised her followers with the video that she decided to make to promote her flower shop since she chose to come out as natural as possible, lying on the floor, without any clothes and with rose petals raining on her.

Another beautiful member of Acapulco Shore who has also become an influencer and businesswoman is the beautiful comadre de la Matriushka, Manelyk González, who has more than 10 million followers on the famous social network.

Mane, like Karime, tends to constantly consent to her followers on social networks by sharing content about herself; And even this beauty has opened her YouTube channel where she shares a little more of herself.

One of the favorite images of the followers of Acapulco Shore is the one in which Karime Pindter and Manelyk González posed together from the beach and in small two-piece swimsuits. The photograph in question was shared on Instagram and in it you can see how they enjoyed the Sun, sand and sea.

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Both stars of MTV They posed from a cot, one of them on him and the other only recharged, the beauty of both together was a delight for Internet users.

Karime and Mane have shown to have a beautiful friendship both inside and outside of reality, these women often share beautiful moments together and together they learned to deal with fame and with the consequences of it.

They have been criticized a lot about their physical appearance, but these girls have felt the pressure of the environment in which they have gained fame and have decided to make aesthetic adjustments to look better … Is it okay?