Beautiful on the cover, Kendall Jenner poses in fashion for Vogue

Beautiful on the cover, Kendall Jenner poses in fashion for Vogue | INSTAGRAM

Between kardashian family Several talents were born and one of them is that of modeling and one of the members who does it best is Kendall Jenner, the older sister of Kylie Jenner, who is highly requested by various brands to appear on their magazine covers.

On this occasion the beautiful businesswoman appeared in the vogue magazine posing and wearing different fashionable outfits but in the cover page a very peculiar one that has a top, a short, boots and a few long transparent fabrics.

The outfit looks quite peculiar and would not be used by anyone, however, for her it is perfect since thanks to it she can wear her long legs model although the pose you chose is not the right one for many users.

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This is how some Internet users have considered that the pose does not favor him much because it seems that he is bent, but both the photographer and the magazine managers considered pose perfect for the cover.

Apart from this first piece of entertainment he took other more, passing the second, we can see that he was holding a fairly large teddy while wearing the same elegant outfit but in another position.

To continue, she used a skirt and a blouse with a similar pattern but in different colors as well as black platform sneakers that combined perfectly with her hair of the same color.

To end the last of the images, he showed Kendall reclining in an armchair with a rather peculiar pink dress with a floral print in addition to the makeup that does not seem to match anything in the photo but that gives an artistic touch to the content.

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As we know, fashion always looks for things out of the ordinary and it seems that this type of touches and accents of other colors are being used by various image companies.

Surely in the future the colors will not have so much to do with the way of combining but the focus of having put it in this way different from the color palette that would normally be used.

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