Beautiful mother and daughter, Alexa Dellanos with Myrka Dellanos

Beautiful mother and daughter, Alexa Dellanos with Myrka Dellanos | INSTAGRAM

The faithful followers of the beautiful influencer Y model Alexa Dellanos had been waiting for several months to see her with her mother, the Telemundo presenter, Myrka dellanos, who has not stopped working and has been quite professional even so with what happened worldwide.

We have excellent news for your audience and this time we had the opportunity to see a very beautiful mother and daughter together and Alexa was in charge of expressing her great love by giving her a kiss very tender on his mother’s cheek.

There is no doubt that users of Instagram They were right, the two women look like sisters, they look very young and beautiful, showing that beauty runs in the family and that they love each other so much that they could not miss recording this video as a form of affection.

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In the clip We can appreciate that the two, apart from looking very pretty, enjoy their company a lot, so their fans now want to see many more videos or photos of them together, something they really like.

And the fact is that they are both very pretty And apart from this they have an excellent sense of fashion, something that has led the beautiful model to work together with recognized brands that have chosen her as their representative, creating entertainment pieces while using their products.

It should be remembered that apart from this beautiful video Alexa Dellanos has been striving to produce incredible photos in a photo shoot from a luxurious apartment they attended and in which she used her best outfits, she also brought a professional photographer who was in charge of gathering beautiful images of those moments.

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It is a series of photos that he has been uploading in recent days and with which he demonstrated his great quality as a model posing, managing to create quite attractive images that did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who have come to give him their thousands of likes and comments where they write creative compliments.

There is no doubt that the young woman knows how to keep the attention on her and has managed to grow her social network of photos the number of followers in recent weeks in growth that she was already waiting for and that she wants to be able to reach 4 million soon.

In Tik Tok, she is also uploading many attractive and funny videos, so you consider yourself a big fan of her, you could go and support her on that social network so that you also enjoy other types of content that uploads in that place.

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